PXN A9 Racing Steering Wheel Stand

PXN A9 Racing Steering Wheel Stand

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Product description

Product function:
PXN-A9 racing game steering wheel bracket, ergonomic design, can simulate the driving feeling of driving, real experience to drive game fun, able to adjust the driver's posture and achieve a comfortable state.
product data:
Product size: 68cmx61cmx15cm
Product Expansion Size: L 96CMXH 86CMXW 78CM
Product weight: 8.4kg

  • 1. Compatibile: Compatible with Logitech G25 G27 G29 G920GT500 T300RS / PXN V9 V900 FOLDING BRACKET for Steering Wheel Racing Wheel Stand in most steering wheels.
  • 2. Fast folding, easy storage: easy installation, easy to open, no tool assembly.(Does NOT include game steering wheel, game pedal, game joystick)
  • 3. Mounting gear stem board universal, pedal multi-angle adjustment (0-45 degrees), bring you more game fun,
  • 4. Material carbon structural steel Q235, four foot span balance, stable and secure,

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