Valkyria Revolution Vanargand Edition - PlayStation 4

Valkyria Revolution Vanargand Edition - PlayStation 4

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  • Sega's story-driven RPG series returns with a new location, a new group of protagonists, and a new focus on action in Valkyria Revolution. Set on the fictional continent of Europa, the game finds the small Kingdom of Jutland at war with the oppressive Ruzhien Empire over access to the valuable mineral Ragnite. Gamers take control of Amleth Glencaire and his Vanargand soldiers as they use magic, swords, lancers, and firearms to take on the Ruzhien army and their supernaturally powerful Valkyrian allies in fast-paced real-time combat.

    When the Ruz emperor Claudius Powlovich Kiev raised portions of Jutland he created lifelong enemies out of five orphans, and this quintet vowed to climb the ranks of Jutish society to get their revenge. Amleth leads the group and controls the military, while Suleyman Kahlenberg specializes in politics, Basil Sabanci sells weapons, Fleet Eriksen controls the media, and Violette Szand is a master of espionage. The Jutish princess Ophelia Jutland and some of her servants also find themselves on the frontlines of battle.

    Valkyria Revolution uses a new, more animé-like art style than the Valkyria Chronicles series, and the action more closely resembles traditional Japanese role-playing titles. Gamers form a party of four from the Shocktrooper, Scout, Sapper, and Shieldbarer soldier classes. They can walk, run, roll, and defend in real-time, but players have to wait for their action gauge to fill before they can perform attacks or use items. Defeating enemies provides boosts that ultimately make it possible to attack without any cooldown period. Ragnite can be obtained from enemies, as a reward for completed missions, or purchased from shops, and gamers can use it to upgrade weapons and unlock new alchemy spells.