Redragon H301 SIREN2 7.1 Channel Surround Stereo Gaming Headset

Redragon H301 SIREN2 7.1 Channel Surround Stereo Gaming Headset

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Product description

Redragon SIREN 2 H301 is the ideal Stereo Gaming Headset for enhanced performance gameplay. Get into the game with high quality stereo sound with noise reducing ear cushions.
The headset is equipped with hidden microphone design, 360 admission source, and individual vibration control button . Unique virtual speaker technology realize sound reverberation, build great sound effect, and real game experience.
And the lightweight design feels so comfortable, you might even forget you’re wearing a headset.



Speaker size:40mm
Frequency:20 HZ---20k Hz
Voltage:20MW Maximum Output

Microphone size:6 x 2.7mm
Frequency:100---10k Hz
Vibrator SPL:-45dB

Vibrator and other parts
Cable length: Approx. 2.0 M brush finished cable
Type: over-the-ear

You can adjust the voice with the first control and adjust the vibration with the second control on the headset cable.