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Rockstar Is Giving Out Free Red Dead Online Gold And Money

Rockstar Is Giving Out Free Red Dead Online Gold And Money

Now that Red Dead Redemption 2's online mode beta has been live for a week now, Rockstar is beginning to implement changes based on player feedback. The goal of the changes, Rockstar says, is to create "a more balanced, fun, and rewarding overall experience." As a thank you to everyone who has played the Red Dead Online beta, Rockstar is offering free in-game money and gold bars.

Anyone who played the beta between when it first started and midnight on December 6 will receive a gift of RDO$250 and 15 gold bars to spend on anything they'd like. These items will be rolling out to all eligible players by December 14.

Much of the criticism of Red Dead Online has been based on the pricing of in-game weapons and other items. To that effect, Rockstar says it will increase the cash and gold payments for various activities as well as decrease the prices of many weapons. If you already purchased a weapon that's getting a price cut, the difference will automatically be refunded to your balance by December 10. You'll also receive an alert message to that effect.

The values of various items and animal parts will be rebalanced soon, and Rockstar is working on bug fixes that should be addressed in the coming weeks. If you have feedback about the Red Dead Online beta, you can submit it here.

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